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“Flatnit Textile” LLC welcomes you and offers wide variety of knitted clothes for all ages and tastes. We use local cotton and Turkish blended yarns as well as metalized threads, accessories and accessories of domestic and Turkish production in manufacturing of our products

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Our experience

High-tech production under the auspices of a tight-knit team of professionals with extensive experience in the knitwear production.

Limited liability company

"Flatnit Textile"

The main advantages of our products are high quality, originality, an assortment for any age, both for children and women, and for men, a wide range of colors and flexible prices.

In the coming years, FLATNIT TEXTILE plans to bring its own investment to $ 1.0 million. It is planned to purchase additional technological equipment.

The company was founded in 2017. The production is equipped with the highest technological equipment of leading brands such as: Longxing, KMF, Jack, Yilmazutu, Singxing.

We specialize in the production of knitwear for home, adults and children

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The main factors ensuring the competitiveness of products are:


Competitive product prices, modern design;


High quality, quality control of raw materials, control at all stages of production and an individual approach to each client, as well as the availability of qualified and trained personnel;


Qualified and flexible management and marketing, well-established relations with customers in Uzbekistan, Russia, Moldova, Kazakhstan and other countries.

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Product quality

In production, one of the most crucial moments is the availability of raw materials. Several types of raw materials are used, which are purchased on the local market and from foreign manufacturers.

The company has well-established economic relations with partners who are ready to supply all the necessary materials in a sufficient quantity, which is required by the volumes of work for an uninterrupted production process.

domestic and foreign suppliers of raw materials


Acrylic mixed yarn, dyed yarn


Ring Spin Combed Yarn


Acrylic and blended yarn


Knitted yarn


Sewing thread


Cotton yarn dyeing services

OJSC "Polesie" (Belarus)

Acrylic Yarn

We invite all interested companies to cooperate and offer the following services:


The distribution of knitted products

To order

Knitwear for customer’s own brand

Promo Products

Manufacturing products for promotions